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Saint Mary’s University’s External Affairs Department was looking to raise the online profile of the university by sharing relative events, activities and information to target audiences.

We developed a two-year comprehensive, measurable social media strategy to increase information flow between the university’s faculties, staff, organizations, alumni and other stakeholders. The strategy ensured audience growth through active discussion generation and timely management, while increasing the overall reach of each channel.

During this two-year period, both social media channels included in the strategy (Facebook and Twitter) increased their audiences by a significant amount – on Facebook by 54% and on Twitter by 36%.

Extending their online reach through active engagement with other channels was also an important measurement, which the strategy’s tactics helped increase. On Facebook, @smuhalifax had a yearly average reach of 1,141,350 over the two-year span (up 57% from 658,480 in 2015). On Twitter, @smuhalifax had a yearly average reach of 826,700 over the two-year span (up 32% from 564,800 in 2015).

As an important part of this contract, we managed both @smuhalifax social media channels on a daily basis through regular and strategic posting, content sharing and timely engagement by responding to audience questions, concerns and remarks. Weekly status updates were provided to senior management on progress and deliverables. Above and beyond the weekly updates, senior management was also informed on an immediate basis as issues arose to ensure an effective, responsible response-time.

As of February 2018, we have exceeded each measurement outlined in the two-year strategy and are looking forward to continuing this positive momentum through implementing a new, ambitious two-year strategy.