Halifax Grammar School


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Halifax Grammar School is working to raise the overall profile of their Capital Campaign, Engaging Excellence, among the broader community to ensure their ambitious goal of $10 million is met.

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As a significant component of the campaign’s final year, we worked with Robyn McIsaac alongside senior management to develop onegrammar.ca – an online hub to provide campaign updates, promote good news stories, feature alumni stories, connect to members of the community and accept donations.

To generate awareness of the campaign website, we also worked to develop and implement a year-long social media strategy. By generating relatable key messages, asking alumni to submit their Grammar stories and creating engaging social media content across all three channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we strategically drove traffic back to the website.

Since its inception in September, the website has garnered 2,864 unique visitors and 9,078 page views. With five months left to go on the campaign itself, the $10 million goal is now well within reach, with only $850,000 to go. Above and beyond their monetary goal, the school is now viewed as a leader in storytelling among the local community, which further solidifies Grammar as a pillar in Halifax.