Lifting each other Up

I recently worked through an experience that allowed for great reflection in search for understanding and thought it was worth a share.

Long story short, the story relates to unwarranted judgment, ridicule and condescension. Needless to say, it didn’t feel great. That being said, what stemmed from its unfortunateness was something quite beautiful.

As many you know, I’m what they call a forever student. I love navigating through different situations, learning as much as possible about how to accept, reflect and grow at every opportunity.

With time, I’ve been able to find peace in the outcome. I can now confidently say I’m happy that it happened as I was able to learn a great deal from the situation, my response and my ability to reflect.

It was during this reflection period that I started to think about colleagues and friends of mine who have had to navigate similar experiences.

What if they weren’t able to see the positive side of this experience? What if it had of discouraged them to pursue other opportunities? What if they gave up? What if…

The reality is that this happens more often than we think.

Who hasn’t felt the sting of a snarky comment or subtle sabotage? Who hasn’t experienced the strangely amusing but very harsh reality of being bullied as an adult?

The unfortunate answer is that the majority of us have, and we all deserve better.

I recently came across a quote that read:

The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.

Its simplicity continues to stick with me.

I am constantly striving to surround myself with positivity in both my personal and professional lives. A lot of this comes naturally by building strong and lasting relationships that stand on the foundation of trust. By allowing others to get to know you as a person, on that human level, we are planting the seed to grow flourishing friendships – ones based on support, honesty and appreciation. We become each other’s own personal cheerleaders.

As we all continue to collectively leave our (positive) mark in the world, there are many opportunities to demonstrate compassion.

By choosing to seek collaboration over criticism, we are making the conscious choice to better one another.

By lifting each other up, we are actively not tearing each other down.

By deciding to be kind instead of condemning, we can each wander through life knowing that we’ve done the best we could to make that small but very impactful change.

So friends, the next time you find yourself on the unfortunate end of a back-handed compliment, an unfair judgment or an act that’s meant to belittle your sense of self-worth (because, unfortunately, any one of these scenarios are bound to happen at some point or another), make the decision to respond from a place of love. Stay true to who you are. Choose kindness. The world will thank you for it.